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What is it?

This ‘art happening’ officially titled “Art is a Drag” is unique in that it focuses on the creative process of 'drag' as a performance art, not just entertainment or a novelty.

All aspects of 'drag' (i.e. character development, transformation make-up, wardrobe/costume and performance) are considered and will be presented exhibition-style in the format of a classic Art Walk event. The performance-art aspect of drag will be integrated with the visual arts in an interdisciplinary approach that will hone the focus on the creative process.

This event also serves as a fundraiser for the Sanford Art Walk as a whole. 

An 'Art Walk and Drag'                       

6pm - 9pm

On April 15, 2017, the regular 3rd-Saturday Sanford Art Walk features the art of Drag. ​                                     

PG13. Open to the public & free admission.

Everyone is invited to attend.  Come walk the Art Walk route and view the entertainers and exhibits or join-in however you are inspired to artfully and respectfully participate. With an "ALL CALL" for Drag artists everywhere of any caliber and level of experience, as well as opportunities for civilians to be transformed by our professional make-up artists and "Drag for the Night"

Art is a DRAG SHOW! 

9pm - 12midnight 

Join us at The Wayne Densch Performing Arts Center following the Art Walk portion of the event for  fabulous entertainment.  9:00 - midnight.

Art is a drag 

The Sanford Art Walk

April 15, 2017


Visual art & Drag are both pure forms of creativity and self-expression. Whether good or bad, tasteful or tacky, both take guts to produce and even more to exhibit.

The resident artists of Sanford Arts Community 
believed that combining the two art forms for an evening would create at minimum a celebration of the act of self-expression, at best an Art Happening that will be elevating to all who encounter. 



April 15, 2017

      6-9:00pm       Sanford Art Walk & Drag

      9-midnight     Art is a Drag SHOW


Everyone is invited! 


Produced by the  Sanford Art Walk & the Wayne Densch Performing Arts Center.

Participating Art Walk venues include ~

    Gallery On First

    Jeanine Taylor Folk Art Gallery

    Historic Sanford Welcome Center

    Center of Wellness

    Hollerbach Art Haus

    Big Fish-Little Pond 

    Rabbit Foot Records

    Smiling Bison

    Park Avenue Photography


    The Breezeway